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KL7OT Antenna Party

A group of local Hams came to help install an antenna in the trees to get Buddy, KL7OT on the air. Thanks to all who helped.

Click photo below for a larger view.

KL2TE - Charlotte, N9RNL - Jim, KL0SP - Paul, WL7AK - Larry, KL2EC - Mark
KL2EC - Mark and N7FXX - Claude
KL0SP - Paul, N9RNL - Jim, WL7AK - Larry, N7FXX - Claude
NL7TZ - Tom
WL7AK - Larry, N9RNL - Jim
NL7TZ - Tom, N7FXX - Claude
NL7TZ - Tom, KL2EC - Mark, N7FXX - Claude
N9RNL - Jim, KL0SP - Paul, NL7TZ - Tom, N7FXX - Claude, KL2EC - Mark
KL7DTH - Lee
Terry, Tom, Claude and Mark
Jim (in the back), Mel and Terry
Larry and Lee
Ice cream on Mel, well we tried to get KL7GG to pay but...........
The rest of the crew
Buddy at her station