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KL7OT Pictures

Click photo below for a larger view.

Buddy and Mel on easter
Buddy on the air
Buddy on her 99th birthday
We came to Alaska as a man and wife team as aircraft controllers and communicators for the civil aeronautics administration. Our first station was Nome, we then transferred to Aniak. We stayed in Aniak one year longer than the required commitment.
We took out a home site 3 miles above Aniak on the north side of the Kuskokwin River. We built a cabin and built up a dog team . For ten years we traveled all over the country every winter.
When WW2 ended Earl got his Alaska call sign KL7EM. In 1948 I flew to Fairbanks took the exam for general and advanced class. I got my call KL7OT from that trip.
In 1986 When I was in the Providence Thermal Center with 3 degree burns on both feet. Blake Ward, KA3PLZ/KL was just reaching the top of Denali about midnight when he called me. We had a short QSO as he had to call his mother in New York to let her
know he had made the top safely. Picture was taken as the top of Denali on chair made of ice cakes.
W1NOP ľOperator Earl Clay. When we lived in Manchester, New Hampshire, Earl was a conductor of the NH State Symphony
Rig was Homebrew built on an aluminum cake pan, running 10 watts, receiver was a Hallicrafters S-29. It was built in 1940
Buddy with her QST article